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OMAcircus's performance "Knacktune"

The Premiere is going to be on the  27the of  September  in Fellbach, Germany at "5th European Summer of Culture 2014" festival .  Festival's programm!  In Estonia the performance is played on the 16th of October at VabaLava.

Director: Kaja Kann,
Music: vocals/ Eleonora Tikas, electric guitar/ Kalle Tikas, percussion/ Allan Prooso
Artists: Anni Veskimäe  and OMAcircus: Kreete, Kaur, Matthias, Polina, Helery, Annabel
Costumer designer: Anni Varm

"Knacktune" is a concert where OMAcircus artists and live music are combined.  The sound will be the commentator without words. 10 young circus artist are trying to transmit a little shift. They know that next to the joy of being alive, there is always some sorrow. Performance manages to create a beautiful, balanced and surprising atmosphere between the music and circus.  The stage is  also amplified by melancholic and bittersweet tunes. Voice artist Elenora uses a lot of different techniques to make the sounds: some are simple uttering sounds, some are as difficult to make as the circus tricks on the stage.

The „Fellbach European Summer of Culture" is a multidisciplinary festival, organised by the Cultural Office in Fellbach, which has been held every three years since 1998. The next edition is taking place in 2014. Each time, the art and culture of two guest countries are presented to a wider audience by means of high-quality cultural events, not least with the aim of thereby making a contribution to the process of European integration. In 2014, where OMAcircus was invited the guest countries are Estonia and Finland.

Eleonora Tikas is a musician and and a voice artist. She mainly does experimental and improvisational  solo and cooperation projects. In 2012 she produced her very first show " Kõrv, heli ja hark puu otsas".

Kalle Tikas is a musician, who makes music in cooperation with theatres and preformances. For example he has worked with ZUGA dancers, Estonian Guitar Octet (EGO), Estonian Bad Dream Big Band and Beggars Farm. 
Allan Prooso has been a percussion for last 13 years. He has taken part of different alternative type projects. (Phlox, Romb, Trans Germaanium Express j.t).
Supporters: Eesti Kultuurkapital, Kultuuriministeerium, OÜ Akrokoda

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