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Circus performance "Promise You Will Fly!"


At OMAsaal (Kopli 25, 2nd floor)

November 1st., 6 pm. NAKS Festival
November 10th. / 15th. / 24th at 6 pm.

November 1st. / 15th. at 1 pm. performance for schools and classes.
For information and reservation please contact

Circus performance "Promise You Will Fly!" 
One could run up, bob up and make a full turn in the air - this shall be called salto. One could accelerate, take off and make a full turn around the globe along the equator - this shall be called circumnavigational flight of the globe. Both motions are interesting for testing one's limits. Everybody knows that Amelia Mary Earhart was an aviation pioneer, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and that she set many other records. But very few know that in fact Amelia was a bird. When her Lockheed Model 10 Electra disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island, the cage of rules, habits and everyday gravitation opened and bird Amelia started her endless flight, full of joy of wide open space and the light of soaring free. Fascination with her life, career, disappearance and magic metamorphosis stays as a base for "Promise You Will Fly".

Director: Sasha Pepeljajev
On stage: 13 young OMAtsirkus's artists from the age of 11 to 21 years old
Sound Designers: Villem Rootalu, Maris Pihlap - the original soundtrack in the performance
Artist: Taavo Tiko
Movement Manager: Kädi Metsoja - circus and acrobatic elements
Video Artist: Lars Schmidt
Technical Director: Kaur Kivilo
Costume Designers: Marta Moorats, Kristin Made
Producer: MTÜ Experimental Movement Center

Partners: OMAtsirkus, Akrobaatika Kool, Trikivabrik OÜ, KULKA, OÜ Jimmy, Trumm OÜ, Stunts OÜ

Performance trailer in Vimeo


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Acrobatic circus performance "Mina! Mina! Mina!"

9th, 10th, 16th, 17th of December 2017
6th and 7th of January 2018

At OMAsaal (Kopli 25, Tallinn)

How much does one person matter?
How to show a two-metre-high salto, when you can't jump there?
How can all the pitches to hands land, when some third person is on the ground doing the move?
How to be you, when the rest of the group is like "me, me, me..."?
How to be you, when the rest of the group is like me?
How to watch circus when you don't know how?

On stage there are 18 young artists, 18 "me's", who rise from the ground, from partners shoulders, from the bars of the trapeze and knots of the silk. Higher then others, getting there faster, wanting better and making it further then you, you or you. 18 "me's" give an unexpected ease to the high-level acrobatics tricks. Working as one machine therewith not forgetting the most important - that is I.

Duration: 50'
By: Kristin Made, Kädi Metsoja
On stage - OMAcircus artists: Helery Kuld, Helga Ehrenbusch, Caroline Kruberg, Anette Kampus, Triin Elizabeth Vahtra, Eva Kutman, Matthias Kann, Emma Kutman, Lisette Erm, Mona Laanaru, Katariina Braun, Karl Oskar Ridaste, Kirke Arukaevu, Grete Mets, Sofia Viikant, Olivia Viikant, Triinu Jõgi, Sirelin Mihkelson
Music: Sonal Pulsar
Technical solutions: Taavo Tiko, Margus Terasmees
Producer: MTÜ Eksperimentaalse Liikumise Keskus
In collaboration with: OMAtsirkus, Akrobaatika Kool, Trikivabrik OÜ, KULKA, Tallinna Spordi- ja Noorsooamet, Tallinna Kultuuriväärtuste Amet, OÜ Jimmy, Trumm OÜ, Stunts OÜ
Special thanks: Kalle Tikas, Kaur Kivilo, Mart Kangro

Tickets: Pre-sale in and at the door - 8€




Dance and circus performance “moiste”

A move made cannot be unmade.

By: Kädi Metsoja
Sound: Lars Schmidt
Style, MUAH and stage design: Alissa Šnaider
Graphic design: Kristin Made
Dramaturgical aid: Kaja Kann
Technical solutions: Margus Terasmees
On stage: Edgar Vunsh, Markus Muide, Kreete Tarmo, Liis Maria Kaabel, Marta Vunsh
Duration: 50'
Producer: Eksperimental Movement Centre

Premiere: 12th, 13th of May at 19.30 in Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Additional show: 4th of June at 15.00 in Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn Old Town Days)


On stage there are five artists whose dance and circustechnical level is perfect in the frames of technic used. There is canon, synchro, sequence, pause and more. They deal with unity and simplicity, a whole is made in unison, where five separate bodies do the same move but in different tamber or tonality.

Thinking of a linear line one could say, that all of this is too short or too long.

The director doesn't do that - "moiste" is a whole.

TsirkuseRing 2017

OMAtsirkus celebrates International Circus Day with "TsirkuseRing" 

"TsirkuseRing" is a celebration show for all the circus enthusiasts!

29th and 30th of April at 12.00

OMAsaal (Kopli 25, Tallinn)

Ticket: 1€


At "TsirkuseRing" you will see acts from amateurs, kids, youngsters up until grownups.

We invite all Estonian clubs that practice circus and acrobatics to take part of the show - Twister, Vello Vaheri Tsirkusekool, PartnerAkro, and OMAtsirkus's groups Titaan, Kaalium, Roodium, Alumiinium, Süsinik, Tsirkoonium, Antiik and Vanem+laps.


29th and 30th of April at 14.00 - 16.30 for beginners and for advanced (aerial acrobatics, juggling, balance, acrobatics)


International Circus Day is celebrated with "TsirkuseRing" that is organized by OMAtsirkus in collaboration with Kaasaegse Tsirkuse Arenduskeskus.

Tallinna Spordi ja Noorsooamet
Tallinna Kultuuriväärtuste Amet
Eesti Kulturkapital

New circus performance „One more gift"

„One more gift"

At OMAsaal (Kopli 25)

Duration: 55 minutes

17., 18. 18. and 21 of December at 18.00

Tickets are available at Piletilevi and half an hour before the show - 3/5€ (Family ticket - 10€)

It is not a true tale but a true deed!

Christmas is a special situation for a collective seething. Any circus act on stage is centered around a gift, but not on behalf of it. The human itself is on a pedestal, not restricted by hierarchy or barriers between people. Different generations will meet on stage to act together on the thin border of reality and tricks. Monocycles are included in the game, to act as a nostalgic dodge to a classical circus tradition.

Director: Kaja Kann

Artists: Kristin Made, Kädi Metsoja, Johanna Terasmees, Anni Veskimäe and the youth of OMAtsirkus

Acrobatics: Heidi Kann

STUNTS: Margus Terasmees, Roman Neso Lapupmaa

Spporters: Trikivabrik, Stunts, AkroKoda, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Tallinna Spordi ja Noorsooamet.

When the company OMAtsirkus was created we didn't dare to use the word 'circus' in our name. Now, nine years later, we know, that it is not possible to be ashamed of our name, we have to face the truth.
We do circus.
Here's new and old circus, vulgar and grand culture, there's gaming and fairness, just as in every other performing art.

Producer: MTÜ Eksperimentaalse Liikumise Keskus


Spectacle "Final Countdown"

19th of November at 18:00

Director: Mart Kangro
In Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27 A

Tickets are available from Piletilevi and one hour before at the door.
(The discount tickets are available to students/pensioners 5 EUR, full ticket 10 EUR).

Spectacle Final Countdown

Five rules that cannot be broken.
Four examples of adequate behavior.
Three attributes that reveal lies.
Two reasons why not to lose hope.
One glance that changed it all.

Final Countdown is a performance that uses the elements of a reality show, in which the best will emerge the rest.
Although, how can one perceive what is good and what is not?
What is the difference when there is no difference, where is the spectacle hiding if there is no visible effect?
The act of measurement influences the results of the measurement.
Similarly to the parliament is enchancing different opinions and seeking a consensus, the Final Countdown will focus on the process of valuation.
The best of the best artists are on stage, a gorgeous spectacle, sweat, tears and sublime emotions.
Only the spectator sees the winner.

Performance: Mart Kangro
Video: Minna Hint, Taavi Varm
On stage:
Mari Abel, Raho Aadla, Kreete Tarmo, Helery Kuld, Heleri Tinno, Kadri Ridaste, Johanna Terasmees, Kristin Made, Anni Veskimäe, Kädi Metsoja, Kaja Kann, Toivo Peegel, Margus Terasmees, Heidi Kann, aerial acrobats from OMAtsirkus and more participants from Finland, Germany, Russia, Poland and Lithuania.
In collaboration with and supported by:
Kultuurikatel, Vaba Lava, Trikivabrik, KangaDzungel, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Kultuurkapital, Tallinna linn


Christmas show "OMAmoodi 23.12"

/uploads/87/71/8771f8b0cc1446012b735432244faf3d/thumb-DSC_0145.JPG A simple story of friendship, love, struggles, being good and taking care of each other. A spectacular circus performance will teach us to notice people around us.

Director: Kädi Metsoja
Designer: Anni Varm
Artists: OMAcircus's young artists

OMAcircus's performance "Knacktune"

Knacktune is a concert where OMAcircus artists and live music are combined.  The sound will be the commentator without words. Preformance manages to create a beautiful and balanced atmosphere between the circus and music, witch is amplified by melancholic and bittersweet tunes.

More info

Kaja Kann,
vocals/ Eleonora Tikas, electric guitar/ Kalle Tikas, percussion/ Allan Prooso
Costume designer: Anni Varm


OMAcircus's performance ''Ticket to somewhere''

"Ticket to somewhere" takes audience to an adventure, relying on the capability and skills of the artists in climbing, throwing and catching balls, lifting each other up and down, hanging on a trapeze, spinning with the tissue, high jumping and making complicating acrobatics. To get to a place you first need to redeem a ticket to somewhere. Bon voyage!
Direction: Helen Reitsnik, Tiina Mölder
Costume designer: Liis Plato
Music designer: Einar Lints
Technical director: Margus Terasmees
Acrobatics and circus trainer and specialist: Heidi Kann
Supervisor: Johanna Terasmees
Trainers: Anni Veskimäe, Johanna Sooba, Kristin Made
Artists: numerous OMAcircus group
Have a look at ''Ticket to somewhere'' video clip HERE!


''HIGH BLING'' is a masquerade filled with glitter and glam, fun and drama, circus and dance. It is a party! There is no stage, there is no podium for the audience. Only chairs and tables and an open bar. Music plays and the audience is welcomed to celebrate. Out of nowhere artists sneak into the crowd with their intrigues and problems that are hidden behind the glamour and shine.

The makers of the performance are former OMAcircus artists Anni Veskimäe, Johanna Terasmees, Merit Ridaste, Kristin Made and Kert Ridaste. And to spice things up there are two guest artists: Jacobe Geens from Holland and the maker of the original music Stereo Buddha from United Kingdom.
Choreography advice: Kädi Metsoja 
Have a look at the promo video HERE
Read our blog HERE

"Dr. Acula"

Idea, choreography, directing: Alissa Šnaider
Technical circus/tricks solutions: Margus Terasmees
Music, sound design: Renzo van Steenbergen
Acrobatics: Heidi Kann
Producer: Eksperimentaalse Liikumise Keskus
Coproducer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Sponsors: Tallinna Kultuuriväärtuste Amet, Eesti Kultuurkapital


OMAcircus's performance "Pirates"

Director: Alissa Šnaider
Artists: OMAcircus's young artists
Cooperation partner: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, STUNTS OÜ, Trikvivabrik, OMAtsirkus ja Akrobaatikakool
Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Cultural Heritage Department of Tallinn City Council


OMAcircus's performance "CIRCLE"

Director: Kaja Kann
Artists: OMAcircus's young artists
Choreography: Kädi Metsoja


OMAcircus's performance "Circus - as easy as falling of a log"

/uploads/34/2a/342ad16413ae594e15e30b7b7f591aaf/thumb-ripume.jpg Director: Kaja Kann
Artists: OMAcircus's artists and Circus Harlekin artists from Germany


OMAcircus's performance "Sleepwalkers"

Director: Kaja Kann
Artists: OMAcircus's young artists
Voice training: Juha Valkeapää (Finland)
Music: Johann Johannsson (Iceland)
Designer: Liina Tepand

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