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OMAtsirkus (OMAcircus) is a group of young people who practice circus. Just the way they want and know. For some it may seem new and for others it may seem old. OMAtsirkus discovers the world with their own eyes and always again.

The tricks on tissues and trapezes, on monocycles and rings, with clubs and balls are no longer the goal in its own.
Trick, as such, still exists in the case of this circus, but they may not be an issue in itself, it is rather a part of the whole. With such circus everything can be made and expressed, including the consideration of the difficulties of human existence - nothing is impossible.

OMAtsirkus is a collective where everybody gets the opportunity to place themselves in new and difficult situations through circus art. You may be a shoemaker, director or circus artist. We have set ourselves the goal of explaining through our actions that circus is the result of co-operation of mind and muscle.

See you there!

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